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About Us started as an office hobby. It originally began with a quote board, something we just added upon occasionally. When it started making the day brighter, we added more. Then the idea of a website came together. Although I am the webmaster of this site, I never could have done it alone.

"The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side."

- Margaret Carty

This website come together with a great deal of support from friends, co-workers and internet buddies. From a small office hobby, it has grown into a full blown website.

The purpose of this site is to inspire. I think the title makes that quite clear. =) Wouldn't it be great to just reach out and make everyone a little bit happier? That is what is amazing about the internet; we really can reach the world.

Most of the starting quotes were contributed by my dear friends. I sincerely hope that our efforts can brighten your day. "May inspirational quotes become something that can inspire you."

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A special thanks to:

Crissi - logo creation
Ben - for getting my name and hosting my website.
Daniel - He did all the complicated PHP / website stuff.
Luke - Telling me to keep going, and going with me.
The Boss Man, Joe - Providing us with so many great quotes.
Alyssa - For inspiring quotes for every occasion.

and everyone else who as contributed!

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